Workers Compensation

Why Do You Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Each state in the United States has a Worker’s Compensation law. The basic of each state is the same in that employees are compensated for occupationally incurred injuries, regardless of fault, in return for which employers are protected from injury lawsuits by employees.

What does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

  • Disability Benefits-The measure to determine the benefits is the “average weekly wage” of the employee at the time of the injury. The determination is made based on the average of the prior 13 weeks pay.
  • Medical Expenses-The obligation for the employer is to furnish any required medical treatment, care and attendance under a qualified physician or surgeon or other recognized practitioner including medicines, and other apparatus. There is no dollar limitation.
  • Death Benefits- Compensation for death benefits if death results within one year of an accident or if it follows a continuous disability, then five years after the accident.

Important Information

  • Injuries occurring outside of Florida are covered if the contract of employment was made in Florida or if employment is principally located in Florida.
  • There are different disability payouts depending on the class of disability.