Flood Insurance

Why Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Federal Law requires homeowner’s with property in flood zone areas or area’s designated as high- risk have flood insurance. Depending on location of the home flood insurance could be required as a condition of the mortgage. Flood insurance is available to homeowner’s and renters and is highly recommended to all living in Florida.

What does Flood Insurance Cover?

  • Flood insurance covers the home’s foundation and its support systems.
  • Flood insurance covers the home’s contents (your belongings).
  • Including appliances.

Important Information

  • It takes only inches of water in your home to cause thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Flooding can be caused many ways. It may be from a hurricane/tropical storm or an overflow of inland or tidal waters even a rapid accumulation of rain.
  • Flood policies are purchased for a 1 year term.

Premium for flood policies are based on the following factors, amount of coverage, deductible amount, location of home (flood zone risk), foundation type of your home.